San Diego AWEA conference
Heading state side, San Diego AWEA conference, wind project O&M and safety.
February 20, 2019
AWEA safety conference
AWEA conference San Diego report.
March 7, 2019
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February round up.

STL February round up

Wow there’s lots to get through in our February round up. It’s been a big month for STL, culminating in our trip to the AWEA conference in San Diego.


Here’s our February round up, it’s been quite possibly the busiest month ever at STL. Our hub rescue unit has gone live, new products have hit the range and our market leading polecat has become the first product of its kind in the world to pass a 150kg drop test.

Hub rescue

hub recue


The facility is built to represent a wind turbine nacelle and hub so that simulated exits and rescues can be undertaken which are as close to real life situations as possible. The inside has structures in place that would normally be encountered inside a wind turbine nacelle and during the training technicians are required to circumvent these obstacles when carrying out a rescue. The facility is designed so that evacuations directly from the hub can be undertaken and the internal structures can be used for the determination of suitable anchor points. The hub rescue unit is sure to be a mainstay of our GWO training courses providing the perfect environment to practice a number of different emergencies in a safe and controlled environment.

To find out more about the Hub rescue unit and training options contact us here.

Rope grab production


Rope grab production

February has seen the set up and launch of an assembly and inspection of rope grabs in a new in house facility. This has allowed us to provide a faster turnaround of product and more control of the inspection and quality procedures. It also increases the number of products we have made exclusively in the UK.

Wood pole fall arrest devices break new ground


Pole cat

In a first for the industry Safety Technology’s Chokestrap and Polecat meet the 150kgs drop test! The Technical Specification EA Tech. Spec. 43 – 123 for test and approval of these devices is usually carried out using a 100kg dummy. However, recently the weights of climbers has been increasing to a point where the climber including their equipment weigh well over 100kgs creating a situation where all products on the market have not been tested with the increased weight, until now. STL have just completed testing in the manner of the Tech Spec but where the weight used was 150kgs. The product arrested successfully at this new weight and they are the first on the market to achieve this new level.

AWEA conference San Diego


San Diego AWEA conference.



Last but by no means least we are exhibiting this week in San Diego at the AWEA Wind Project O&M and Safety Conference. It’s a great opportunity for the industry in the USA to come together, discuss and solve the problems of the day. We’re really looking forward to meeting up with our STL USA colleagues and our friends and clients from across the industry. If you are attending we’re in booth 4, see you there!


That’s it for our February round up, keep an eye out for our newsletter with all our latest course dates, news and insights.