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Safety harnesses for linemen

harnesses for linemen

STL harnesses for linemen are a key part of the Safety Technology range of safety equipment for the utilities sector.


The harnesses for linemen have been a central part of our utilities product range since the company began over 20 years ago. We offer a range of harnesses for linemen specifically designed for utilities use alongside our broader harness range for workers at height across numerous sectors.

Linemen’s safety harnesses are characterised by their ability to support linemen in a sit position enabling them to work and hang from structures for extended periods. The Safety Technology range includes a number of harnesses that have been developed in-house and with partners such as Cresto to provide linemen with both optimal safety and flexibility.

Over the last 20 years we have worked closely with our customers to continually evolve harnesses for linemen. We have progressively developed more efficient ergonomic harnesses that don’t compromise on safety. Working closely with the men and women in the field has given us a unique insight into what is important for linemen as they go about their daily tasks. This all feeds into our process for creating harnesses for linemen.

These innovations have culiminated in the recent launch of STL’s own Sirocco range with examples such as the 138, below, proving to be incredible popular in the field.

Sirocco by STL 138 Harness

The future of harnesses for linemen

As we continue to innovate and explore the use of new materials the future will bring more comfortable harnesses for linemen. The Sirocco range is a great first step towards lighter more nimble harnesses that don’t compromise on safety and meet all the requirements in the field. But, crucially, emphasise comfort and flexibility.


For more information on the range of harnesses and to set up a trail get in touch.