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Hub rescue training

Hub rescue training

With the announcement last month of our new Hub Rescue training unit we thought we’d focus this week on why the Hub Rescue is such a vital piece of training equipment.

The hub rescue training unit is designed to replicate a wind turbine nacelle. Allowing for rescue training in the cramped confines of a real turbine scenario. This is a vital tool across a range of our GWO training courses and provides competent workers at height rescue skills for both themselves and others.


hub rescue training

Practising in the cramped conditions

Course options

Hub rescue training is for people who are competent to work at height and require skills to provide rescue or self-evacuation from wind turbine generators. The advanced hub rescue for wind turbines training course provides the skills needed to assess and plan a hub rescue, make the casualty safe and remove them to the ground. The course includes practical exercises such as live rescue of a casualty from the ladders and use of the evacuation device from height. The training facilities are purpose built to provide a realistic working environment essential to prepare attendees for real life situations they may face.

This rescue training course is for all Wind Turbine Generator climbers who are required to access and work in the hub (including the blade) areas of wind turbines. The course also includes Hub and Yaw area rescues.

The hub rescue training combines the elements of a Safe System of Work, including equipment selection and inspection, use of tools, risk assessment, method statements and emergency procedures.

Course elements covered include:

  • General safety requirements for work on WTG
  • Procedures for accessing and working within the turbine
  • Selection, care and maintenance of equipment
  • Types of anchorage in WTG
  • Suspension Syncope in Rescue
  • Specific hazards found in the Hub (including blade area) and Yaw
  • Emergencies: types of and actions during
  • Use of full and half type stretchers


hub rescue training

The hub unit mimics a wind turbine nacelle


Practical skills covered in this course include:

  • Safe use of personal protective equipment
  • Correct fitting and adjustment of harness
  • Correct use of Hub access equipment
  • Continuous attachment
  • Rescue of a person from the Hub area, including considerations of recovery route
  • Ensuring safety of self and others
  • Fitting and use of rescue stretchers
  • Casualty handling and extraction

We’ll keep you updated on developments of our hub rescue training unit and available course dates as the unit comes online over the next few months. We’re sure this will prove to be a vital part of technician training in the tremendously fast growing wind energy sector.

For more information and to register interest get in touch.