Safety Technology Ltd are the sole Cresto RESQ authorised inspector and maintenance centre for the RESQ evacuation device in the UK. Cresto Logo

STL are also approved by Skylotec to inspect and maintain their fall arrest devices, fully certified to inspect and install Latchways devices and inspect Power climber elevators.

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We offer a wide range of inspection services for wind turbines to ensure the safety of your work force:

  • Anchor points
  • Ladders
  • Fixed rail and wire systems (Latchways certified)
  • Electric and Manual Hoists
  • Service lifts
  • PAT testing
  • PPE and Rescue and Evacuation Devices
We can also offer an audit of the site for inspection proposals.
Other services can also be provided in conjunction with our partners:

  • Blade Inspection and Repair
  • Transfer Vessel supply
  • Onsite Statutory Inspections
  • Service centres for PPE & rescue devices inspections at Raglan, South Wales & Newcastle, North East England

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