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New Product Alert: P&B Weir

eshark helmet

We were delighted to begin distributing P&B Weir products to our customers in the renewables and utilities sectors a few months ago. Since then the range has been expanding. This week we highlight some of the most popular equipment.

Key P&B Weir items entering the STL range this week include the eShark helmet, ALADIN voltage detector and Penta poles. As ever you can find out more about these and more via the link at the bottom of this post.




Safety Helmet eShark

The eshark is an advanced helmet specifically for technicians working with electricity. The design allows for the attachment of various accessories with a visor designed to work well with wearers of glasses.


Aladin helmet mounted voltage detector

The ALADIN (Association of Light And Detector for INdividual protection) is designed to provide extra safety levels for workers operating near live equipment (during maintenance, rescue operations, painting, pruning,etc).

The unique intelligence in ALADIN’s SmartMute function allows the wearer to silence a voltage-present alarm once in the work area but the alarm will sound again if the voltage field changes i.e. if the wearer moves closer to the live source or if the voltage level increases while working.



Penta poles


Penta poles for linemen use.



For more information about these products and other new items in the Safety Technology range get in touch below.