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January 28, 2018
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HACA Slider

HACA Slider

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The company operating this fall protection system must ensure that these Instructions for Use are kept with the fall protection runner. The fall protection runner including the fall arrest rail corresponds to EN 353-1:2014. It is a sub-system which, when combined with a safety harness in accordance with EN 361, is a fall protection system in accordance with EN 363. A vertical ladder must be equipped with fall protection starting from 3m according to DIN EN ISO 14122 and starting from 5m according to DIN 18799. In case of a fall up to 6KN can be transferred to the physical structure via the guided type fall arrester and the rail.

The fall protection runner is characterised by the following features:

– Only one person may use it at one time.

– The permissible weight of the user may not be less than 40 kg and may not be more than 150 kg.

– The fall protection runner limits the maximum horizontal tensile force so that the user cannot topple backwards.

– The fall protection runner limits the maximum speed so that only normal climbing is possible.

– The fall protection runner has three arrest functions which are independent from each other.

– If the horizontal or speed-related arrest function is primarily activated, the vertical arrest function is always triggered secondarily as back-up.

– The fall protection runner can be unlocked manually and removed from any point of the fall arrest rail.

– The distance ‘A’ between the fall protection runner and the anchorage point of the carabiner safety harness is 190mm.

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