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Red Pro rescue and evacuation

Red pro rescue and evacuation kit

Safety Technology are the UK’s leading Cresto Redpro inspector, servicing and sales partner. Find out more about this amazing piece of kit.

Safety Technology are very proud to have a long history of working with Cresto as a UK partner for sales inspection and servicing. Alongside the harnesses and other working at height equipment Cresto has developed the Red Pro rescue and evacuation system. Cresto Red Pro is the market leading rescue system with innovations such as the constant lower speed and easy install. Safety Technology have received huge amounts of excellent feedback on the Red Pro system which is in use across the whole range of STL clients.


Red Pro Specification

The Cresto Red Pro Box is for rescue and evacuation, this equipment works on the principle of centrifugal force. Constant lowering speed (0,8 m/sec) regardless of the weight of the person being rescued, or the height from which the person is being lowered from. This evacuation device is easy to use and allows quick and safe evacuation/rescue from, cranes, skylifts, platforms and industrial buildings. Equipped with a winch for shorter lifting distances, brake- and rope-lock. The winch is used to lift a person in order to loosen any lanyards following a fall and to facilitate a safe evacuation. Cresto’s patented vacuum packing secures simple and quick yearly inspections as well as up to 10 years life time for unbroken packages.

A complete Rescue Red Pro kit, includes:

  • Rescue and evacuation device, ResQ RED Pro
  • Kernmantle rope, 10 mm (including karabiners) various rope lengths available.
  • Line bag.
  • SKV box with basic user guide and vacuum packed in aluminium bag and soft bag.
  • Aluminium triple action gate karabiners.
  • Pulley
  • Edge Protector
  • Karabiner with “fishhook” (Modified rope clamp for emergency connection to released fall arrester)
  • Slings

Watch the Red Pro video

As an approved supplier, STL provide a range of services to support your Redpro. STL’s Redpro inspection services can be conducted at your site or from one of our service centres in the UK.

We’d be delighted to demonstrate Redpro and talk to you about how we can implement this system for you.