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Safety at height in 2019, so far…

wood pole top rescue

Safety at height has been booming globally so far this year. As a company Safety Technology is always looking forward but it’s nice every now and again to take stock. So this week we’re looking back at developments so far in 2019 and looking ahead to what’s to come next.

2019 has already seen STL launch a number of new safety at height products in 2019, as well as developments training. Globally the sector has been on the rise with major growth driven by wind energy. STL has seen first hand this growth as demand continues to rise for GWO training and, particularly in the USA, the jobs market shows no sign of slowing.


New products launched this year.

A host of new STL products have been launched so far in 2019. These include:

Rescue kits

The full kit range now covers

  • First responder/rapids kit
  • Ladder attachement kit
  • MEWP kit
  • LARS kit
  • Pole top kit
  • Tower rescue kit
  • Rig to rescue system

Find out more, here.

New harnesses including the 100% British manufactured Sirocco range.

Sirocco range harnesses

The Sirocco range includes five harnesses; a basic safety harness, two utility focused harnesses, a wind energy harness and specialist fire retardant harness. Sirocco is really popular with our clients and with this in mind we are introducing a range of new sizes to accommodate workers at height of all shapes and sizes. Find out more here.

The Smartline X

The smallest, lightest evacuation device in the world. Find out more here.


Utilities training

The course list has been fully revamped based on attendee feedback. STL now has “train the trainer” courses for all of our most popular sessions.

  • Inspection and Certification of PPE, STL 03—1/2 Day
  • Pole Choker Training, STL 07—1/2 Day
  • Pole Choker Train the Trainer, STL 07B—1/2 Day
  • Pole Top Rescue, STL 12– 1 Day
  • Pole Top Rescue Train the Trainer, STL 12B—1 Day
  • Pole Top and Tower Rescue, STL 13—1 Day
  • Pole Top and Tower Rescue Train the Trainer, STL 13A—1 Day
  • Smartline Training, STL 25– 1 Day
  • Tower Rescue/ Tower Climber Training, STL 87 – 1 Day
  • Tower rescue/ Tower climber Train the Trainer, STL 88 -1 Day
  • MEWP Rescue and Evacuation Training, STL 89— 1/2 Day
  • MEWP Rescue and Evacuation Train the Trainer, STL 89A— 1/2 Day
  • Train the Trainer Refresher, STL— 1 Day


Getting out there!

STL February round up

2019 has seen STL exhibit at a number of industry events so far this year including OHLEX 2019 where we exhibited a number of our utilities solutions. AWEA’s conference in San Diego was also a highlight.

Looking ahead.

There’s still lot’s to come in 2019. STL are launching a full suite of products from P&B Weir specifically for our utilities customers, these include:

Insulating gloves
Insulated shrouding
Insulated matting
Substation safety and rescue kit
Safety Helmet eShark
Aladin helmet mounted voltage detector
Penta poles

STL USA continues to grow as the premier provider of GWO training state side and we have more products and services pencilled in for Q4 2019. All in all it’s exciting times!

Get in touch of you’re looking for an innovative partner to provide safety solutions for your business.