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March 12, 2020
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March 24, 2020
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Services available during the Coronavirus outbreak

Services available during the Coronavirus outbreak

 All the STL services available during the Coronavirus outbreak.

As the country moves towards a more stringent lockdown we thought we would highlight all the services available during the coronavirus outbreak. Utilities and renewable sectors are some of the least able to offer home working options and the essential nature of most of the work means it’s just not an option. Safety however is not a negotiable during these times so in order that our clients can continue to provide their vital activities we have grouped together the services we can continue to offer through the outbreak.

During this time all our employees, trainers and contractors will be observing strict hygiene guidelines both at STL premises and those of our clients. Including regular hand washing, the use of hand sanitisers and adopting modifications to aspects of training course that involve human contact such as first aid.

Any STL staff member who shows any of the symptoms of coronavirus will be quarantined for a minimum of 14 days and will return to work no sooner than 28 days subject to medical sign-off.



We are still able to offer training courses at our South Wales headquarters, training will be restricted to no more than 4 people on anyone course. Training facilities will be professionally cleaned at the end of each day. Surfaces will be disinfected and all equipment cleaned using anti-bacterial cleaning solution.

We can also conduct onsite training for any customer concerned about moving teams across the country. This applies particularly to our GWO courses which we can offer in full at a clients site, facilities permitting.



We keep a number of our most popular items in stock and therefore have warehoused supplies of various equipment including harnesses, chokestraps, rescue devices and more. If you are in need of equipment please contact us.


Maintenance services

We can services a number of products and sites during this period. Services can take place on rescue equipment at sites in South Wales and the North East. In addition if sites are closed for any reason we can happily attend to conduct any audits or safety system maintenance whilst there is down time. We can additionally inspect PPE.


This will be a difficult time for everyone especially those involved in our essential services and their supply chain. We recognised that this places our people and those of our customers under increased risk and we will be as vigilant in the current circumstances as we are with all safety matters.


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