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Spotlight on the Sirocco 138 safety harness

Sirocco 138 safety harness

We recently launched the Sirocco 138 safety harness. Made in the UK the harness represents a huge leap forward in ergonomic design.

Safety Technology strive to innovate across safety for workers at height. The Sirocco 138 safety harness represents the latest in our human led design philosophy for harnesses.

Tested to standards EN361 and EN358, the Sirocco 138 is a lightweight, easy to put on harness. The design has been created to mimic putting on a jacket. Additional features include quick release buckles on the chest and legs and comfort oriented side rings which can be used as attachment points.

We are immensely proud of the STL team who developed the Sirocco 138. Feedback from early testers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Find out more about the Sirocco 138 here

Sirocco by STL 138 Harness