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STL Inspection and Maintenance Services

Red pro rescue and evacuation kit

STL provide a whole range of inspection and maintenance services, read on to find out more.

One of Safety Technology‘s most popular inspection and maintenance services covers the Cresto Redpro, pictured above. STL are proud to be a certified Cresto partner for the inspection, maintenance and vacuum packaging of the Redpro. This includes the standard 10 year service required which can be completed either on site or at one of STL’s inspection site’s in South Wales and Tyne & Wear. In the Crestor family STL also service and maintain the Smartline system. In addition training on product use can also be supplied as required by the customer.


STL regular visit customer sites to perform PPE inspection covering a whole range of products from harnesses to lanyards.


Safety Technology is a certified Skylotec Milan inspector conducting services in the UK and beyond. Additional inspection and maintenance services cover a range of equipment:

  • Fire Extinguisher inspection qualified
  • Ladder and Rail system inspections (including MSA – Latchway devices)
  • Anchor point inspector.
  • Lifting device inspector.
  • Power Climber Elevator inspector

Services are easy to organise and equipment can either be shipped to one of STL’s centers of we can come onsite and inspect at your location. Our dedicated inspections team have years of experience, qualifications and accreditations to ensure that your kit is kept up to date in safe working order.


If you’d like to find out more about the inspection and maintenance services get in touch via the link below.