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Looking ahead to 2019
January 16, 2019
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January 30, 2019
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Training the trainer

training the trainer

January has been a big month for STL as we continue our training the trainer seminars.

Earlier this month we were invited to Hamilton to carry out a presentation to a key service provider within the utilities sector.  The session was attended by a wide range of staff including linesmen and women, contractors, engineers and various management and HR functions. The session was designed to skill up across the organisation based on the philosophy that every one has a role to play in ensuring safety whether frontline staff or not. We focused the primarily on PPE inspections and general site health and safety with particular emphasis on working at height and the various safety demands this places on organisations and individuals.

Our technical director, Ben Williams, led the day delivering crucial insight to attendees and the technicians who work in the field on a daily basis. The information provided was welcomed encouragingly and prompted several people to engage in open discussions regarding their equipment and general safety and its application. It’s exactly this outcome that we encourage as it demonstrates stakeholders taking ownership of safety issues beyond what we, their trainers and the law tells them.

During these sessions we cover a number of topics which usually include the following:

  • To ‘buddy’ up with a colleague, and provide daily checks of each others equipment (such as harnesses, rope rats, lanyards, pole choking devices etc).
  • To identify if the kit is fit for purpose – check webbing and components, can you identify any wear and tear? Does this effect it’s use? Does it work properly?
  • Always refer to the manufacturers’ instructions of use and maintenance for the specific for guidelines and advice.
  • How to wear / use certain parts of the common kit. And how daily use effects the equipment.

These might seem basic common sense safety training points but it’s surprising how often they are overlooked. It always our goal to reinforce simple practices like these but also to ensure that everyone does away taking a sense of ownership over safety as it can literally be a case of life or death should something go wrong.

“These are great sessions that I love to run because you get to speak with a true cross section of the organisation which is not something we see when training individuals on our courses at our own centres. It’s especially encouraging when you see how attendees react and take ownership of safety issues and I can safely say all attendees got value from the day.”

-Ben Williams STL Training Director

Training the trainer sessions are a growing area for STL to deliver it’s expertise. As organisations develop their cross-organisation understanding of safety requirements STL are well placed to be the provider of choice for these services. Like many before it this session proved to be super popular and we already filling our diary with further onsite train the trainer days in 2019.

If you’re interested in how we can run a train the trainer session for you click below to contact us.